Alex Vanderburg Sensei, 5th Dan

Alex Vanderburgh began his martial arts training in 1970 in Uechi Ryu Karate Do. In 1979 he started training in Aikido at the dojo of Mitusari Kanai Shihan in Boston. After moving to Seattle in 1980 and training with Mary Heiny Sensei, he settled in San Francisco training under Frank Doran Sensei, Robert Nadeau Sensei and William Witt Sensei. He received his Shodan from Nadeau Sensei in 1989.

Alex received a Shodan in Kenpo Karate from Sifu Gloria Boldizar in 1992, and a Shodan in Okinawa Kobudo from Mikio Nishiuchi Shihan in 1994. He continues to train and experiment with a wide variety of weapons and styles.

Alex has dedicated his life to future generations of martial artists, developing a program for children called Martial Play, teaching in after-school programs and at a major HMO in San Francisco. He is the assistant instructor of the young peoples Aikido program at Aikido West. He received his Godan from Doran Shihan in 2015.

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